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We are happy to take on the challenge of supporting the Wiener Stadtwerke Group in recruiting for open 215 apprenticeship positions in order to continue to keep the most livable city in the world running.


Wiener Stadtwerke


Digital Campaign


Wiener Stadtwerke is Vienna's infrastructure service provider and one of the 30 largest companies in Austria. Their operations in the areas of mobility, energy and funerals are well known to the Viennese.


We are happy to take on the challenge of supporting the group in making contact with their future employees and motivating them to apply for one of the 215 apprenticeships offered each year.

The Wiener Stadtwerke Group does not only pursue economic goals, but above all, in times of climate and energy crisis, the maintenance of the quality of life and climate-neutral future of Vienna. Thus, there is a direct opportunity for the target group "Gen Z" to get rid of their current worries by working for the Wiener Stadtwerke Group.


Gefragt war es im Rahmen der Konzeption & Kampagnenentwicklung die Vielfalt der Lehrberufe und Personen innerhalb des Unternehmens darzustellen. Es sollte klarsein, dass jede:r Willkommen ist & einen passenden Lehrberuf innerhalb der Gruppe findet & zeitgleich zur Klimawende beiträgt.

Der Umfang der mehrphasige Recruiting Kampagne beinhaltete die Kreation von Werbemitteln für mehrere digital-only Channels sowie die Neuerstellung des Foto, Video & teilweise Text Content für alle 19 Lehrberufe, welcher auf wienerstadtwerke.at/lehre für Interessent:innen verfügbar ist.


How we tackled this ventures and more about the vibe on the sets can be seen in Behind the Scenes. The following people, among others, were involved in the implementation of the project:

Roland Schafek - Director
Stefan Krenn - Director of Photography
chop chop chop - Post Production
Matthias Ermert - Sound Design
Kenji Araki - Music
Jolly Schwarz - Photography
Das Deck - Cast