A new approach to rate stablecoins

UI | UX Design
Graphic design
Web Development

Bluechip is an independent, nonprofit stablecoin rating agency. They evaluate stablecoins and tell the public which ones look safer.




Corporate website, Web application


Stablecoins offer a possible path to a safer, more reliable way for people around the world who don't have access to good financial systems. But how can you tell which stablecoins have the best chance of actually being stable?

Bluechip offers the answer: they apply the lessons of economic theory and economic history to the new world of stablecoins. Both theory and history shape our views on what successful stablecoins will look like. And these lessons are at the heart of their transparent SMIDGE valuation system.


In creating Bluechip's brand and website, we utilised empathy, innovation, and transparency to provide users with a comprehensive and trustworthy platform for navigating the complex maze of stablecoins.

We understood and catered to different user group needs by introducing interactive tools such as for example an interactive whitepaper, a comparison feature, and backtesting possibility.

By the further development of the Bluechip brand design guide, we introduced innovative design elements that simplify complex data, making information & data beautifully accessible. We incorporated a tailored CMS (Contentful) to ensure easy expansion of the organisation and the management of ratings by the analysts.

Furthermore, to make the information Bluechip provides more accessible we developed an API to enable data sharing with other crypto and finance platforms, aligning seamlessly with Bluechip's mission to promote transparency.

Together, we have set a new standard in the crypto industry: The Bluechip Standard.


Brand Design Lead: Michael Marte
Brand Design: Oliver Matzner | Paragraph
3D: Anna Schlamp
Development Support: Peter Kroyer