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Alma Babycare's web relaunch focused on creating a new, visually appealing webshop and modernizing their digital presence, all while maintaining their brand identity and commitment to natural skincare.


ALMA Babycare


Corporate website, Onlineshop


Alma Babycare, a brand created by women for women, is dedicated to crafting high-quality, natural skincare products tailored for mothers and babies. Founded by Isabel Zinnagl during her pregnancy with her daughter Alma, the brand emerged from a deep desire to provide safe and natural care solutions that foster unique moments of bonding between mother and child.

We were entrusted with extending the Alma Babycare brand through a web relaunch, focusing on modern UI/UX design and a comprehensive technical overhaul of their webshop. Our goal was to enhance user experience while authentically reflecting Alma Babycare’s commitment to natural and effective babycare.


Alma Babycare’s previous online presence struggled with automating B2B processes like invoicing and accounting, and failed to effectively convey the brand’s value through its design. The new webshop needed to automate accounting & invoicing with Shopify and integrate extensions to modernize its appearance and align with current e-commerce standards.

Additionally, it aimed to create a visually compelling, digitally optimized experience that maintained Alma Babycare’s brand identity. This included integrating CGI-rendered product images and animations to simulate material of their products, enhancing aesthetic appeal and offering an informative shopping experience that emphasized quality and natural ingredients.


Okaro Studio’s contribution with CGI renderings and animations for the new Alma Babycare webshop was instrumental in enhancing visual appeal and product representation.