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Forellen Jobst, a family business in Carinthia since 1977, offers traditional fish farming and is increasingly focusing on digital direct sales. With unique features such as the use of spring water and dry aging, the company emphasizes sustainability, quality and the welfare of the fish.


Forellen Jobst


Corporate website, Onlineshop


Forellen Jobst is a family business with nearly 50 years of tradition in fish farming. The company is located in Carinthia and is characterized by its unique breeding methods, including the use of spring water, the innovative dry aging process and the consistent avoidance of buying in fish from other breeders. The company's closeness to nature and commitment to sustainability remain core values, dedicated to the care and welfare of the fish.

We were commissioned to play a key role in the planning, consulting and conception of the rebranding project. We focused in particular on web design & development, the creation of an image film and photography.


In preparation for increased sales to end customers and restaurants in the future, we advised Forellen Jobst to reposition the brand and brought Bureau F on board for the brand design.

A central step in this process was the creation of a new web store and an accompanying website. In addition, a short, authentic documentary about the company was created together with Roland Schafek, which vividly presents the history, methods and values of Forellen Jobst. This documentary not only provides information, but also creates an emotional bond between the company and its customers.

In addition, high-quality pack shots for the web store and authentic still shots on site were created with Clemens Schneider to provide the image material for the website. These shots impressively illustrate the natural beauty of Forellen Jobst's surroundings as well as the careful fish farming.


Created with great attention to detail (and pixels), together with our great partners.

Brand Design - Bureau F
Directing DP - Roland Schafek
AC & B Camera - Reinhard Schafek
Musik & Sound - Daniel Mignon
Fotografie - Clemens Schneider
Frontend Development Support - Oliver Meschnig