172 BPM & 11 Häkelnadeln
Team Trip, let's go. Time for us. Chalet in Hodruša-Hámre. 3 days. Where are we going? With our company? With new technologies? What do we enjoy? What not?

These are all important questions for which we create the appropriate space.
Listening to ourselves, to the forest, to the now & tomorrow.

With a growing team, we are increasingly realizing how important team happiness and solid collaboration are becoming.

Alignment within the team is our top priority. We take the time to work on what tends to get lost in the daily grind. With the aim of being able to make groundbreaking decisions even better in harmony in the future. Hence our decision to pack all our things, including sound system, two large shovels on wheels and 3 hours later arrival in the middle of Slovakia.

Quality Time

Arrived, unlocked, unpacked the Linea Mini. Shout-out to our dear friends from La Marzocco by Espressolutions , who actually donated a limited edition portafilter machine including a complete set-up for our short trip, so that we could do our brainwork in the usual culinary style.

But what are we actually doing there? We are looking for honest interaction that is not artificial. But suggestions on the net are mainly that. ChatGPT hasn't really been able to help either. Trust cases? Rather less, thanks.

Then we had the idea -> we all have personal talents that are worth sharing with others. Short Slack call later, and that was it:

🧶 Crochet course by Ming & Strizi
Hidden talents uncovered. Some couldn't let go of the 11 crochet hooks (unfortunately Anna & Ana couldn't join us). Daniel has been walking around with new handmade accessories around his neck ever since. Worth seeing. Just like Ming's own brand Bunso Knits.

🎛 DNB Set by Claus
DJ intro with fast 172 beats per minute. Drum & bass, banging. Occasionally mixed in with trashy 2000s hits by Florian. But again, the real art lies in the dexterity to maintain the flow. To be admired in Claus' current set.

🎈 Balloon Animals Workshop by Raphael
This was unexpected. But nice, why not. Sword, poodle, flower balloon. The next birthday is saved. Or a part-time job as an entertainer.

☕️ Barista Workshop by Daniel
The Linea Mini wanted to be carried out.

👀 But well, there was still one exercise in the classic trust-building style -> mixing not only the turntables but also drinks.
In teams of two. Blindfolded. Chopping, stirring, garnishing without anyone getting hurt. Fortunately, it stayed that way + Aperol soda or Mimosa as a reward right afterwards. Also sweetened by a nice sleek package from Manner, thanks to dear Verena.

Let's have a chat

Our Light Business Talks as another program point were collaborative exercises to discuss key points of our journey together. This was on the agenda:

  • Open Questions - We wanted to consciously listen in to what questions individuals were asking themselves and address them directly.
  • Re-Cap Last Year - What were the highlights & lowlights. What do we want to do more of, what less?
  • Work Happiness - Results from our last survey on satisfaction, projects, chemistry, salary.
  • Mid-Term Goals - From a management perspective, what are the immediate goals for the next 12-18 months.
  • Brand Values Deep Dive - In 2022, we took a close look at our values, both internally and externally. Internalize this again and take a fresh look from a distance.
  • Vision - Where are we going? What is it all for?

These discussions and experiences have deepened our alignment on many levels. It was also great to see that Katharina - who joined the team in March as a Digital Project & Account Manager - was able to make her mark right in her first week of work. 

It is precisely this momentum that we will now take with us in the coming weeks. Because a lot is happening behind the scenes. We are working on far-reaching changes from within this fox factory. The year will therefore bring something new. 👀